Risk Management

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

– Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin’s statement about fire safety is a clever way of making the point that avoiding an unfortunate event pays off in multiples. This advice is perhaps even more true today than in Franklin’s time, with the cost and complexities of rebuilding after a fire, a lawsuit from a customer, or an employee injury.


With an affiliation with Jim Zanecosky of SMC Consulting, Michael Ehrenfeld Company risk services can help your organization develop an effective risk management and loss control program.


Whether manufacturing a product, running a restaurant, or providing a nonprofit service, you have built your organization for a purpose, and any unfortunate event will take resources away from the operations. An effective loss control and risk management program quantifies and reduces risk, allowing the organization to stay focused on its primary purpose. For a business, an effective risk management program can reduce costs by reducing losses that drain resources and helping to reduce insurance premiums, contributing toward competitiveness and profitability. For a nonprofit organization, a risk management program can help ensure funds are used most effectively to achieve the goals of the nonprofit.

Jim Zanecosky
Risk and Safety Consultant