The Michael Ehrenfeld Company Delivers Personal, Focused, Expert Attention


Michael Ehrenfeld started The Michael Ehrenfeld Company in 1974 after serving as president of one of the largest commercial insurance agencies on the West Coast. He saw a national pattern emerging of depersonalizing the relationship with the client. The focus for insurance companies was…and at times continues to be…a single-minded focus on acquiring new clients, increasing premiums…all with nominal interaction with people who own and run the business.


And so a very different client-centric philosophy was born at The Michael Ehrenfeld Company. Michael Ehrenfeld believed strongly that the producer is critical to the process of establishing nurturing and maintaining strong client relationships. The agency would provide the infrastructure, the tools, and the expertise to foster a strong producer/client relationship.


This means accountability. Michael Ehrenfeld Company producers are dedicated to managing their account and take full responsibility for anticipating needs, forecasting trends and professionally managing commercial accounts.